Guaranteed Minimum Costs

All food & beverage requests must be made at least 3 working days (exclusive of weekends & holidays) in advance. Any increases to the guaranteed attendance figure made less than 3 working days notice can not be guaranteed. Any events scheduled with less than 3 days notice can not be guaranteed. There is a minimum guarantee of 20 guests for events held in the Union Building. Events with less than 20 guests may be subject to a labor surcharge. There will be a labor charge attached to events under 20 guests that are held outside of the Union Building. Advance arrangements should be made for accommodations of guests with special dietary needs.

Cancellations Policy

Any cancellation must be made 3 working days prior to your event. With any less notice, you will be liable for any food & production costs incurred up to the time of the cancellation.

Catering Service Times:

All events are scheduled for 2 hours. If your event runs longer than 2 hours, in order to compensate for additional labor costs a service charge of actual overtime cost will be assessed.

China Service:

China service is provided for all events within the Faculty Dining Room. As standard all catering orders come with disposable service ware. If china service is requested within the Union Building there an additional charge of $2.00 per person will be incurred. For events outside of the Union Building requiring china service there will be an additional charge of $5.00 per person.

Linen Service:

Basic linen service will be provided for all events. Our basic colors include white & Wagner green. Any specialty linens or colors must be requested no later than one week prior to your event. Specialty linen will incur an additional cost to your event. There is an additional charge for any specialty or extra linen requested.

Labor Charges:

All prices are inclusive of labor except where noted in the guide. Served events will require one server for every 16 guests for table service and one server for every 35 guests for buffet service. An additional labor charge will be billed for weekends and during academic recesses. These charges will vary depending on the size of the event.

$40.00 per hour (minimum of 6 hours)
$30.00 per hour (minimum of 6 hours)
$30.00 per hour (minimum of 6 hours)

Please note, the minimum hourly requirements include any preparations, set up and break down time.

These minimum hourly charges apply to 2 hour functions. If your event runs longer than 2 hours, in order to compensate for additional labor costs a service charge of actual overtime cost will be assessed.



Your catering contract must be signed and have the department budget number listed no later than 3 days prior to your event. . No functions will be activated with out a copy of a signed requisition with a valid account number and a PO# assigned from the business office.

All equipment (i.e. baskets, silverware, platters, serving utensils, etc) used for drop off (i.e. coffee breaks, lunches, snacks, etc) must remain in the location where your event was set up and held. The representative of the event(s) will be billed a replacement cost for any missing equipment. Your organization will solely be responsible for coordinating the reservation of rooms, any podiums or audio-visual requirements, coat racks and all support services for your events.

Insurance Guidelines

Due to Insurance Guidelines and Safe Food Handling Procedures all food and beverages must be consumed during your events (no food can be taken home).

Alcohol Policy

Due to Liquor License policies a Bartender is required for all events scheduled with alcohol / bar service. One bartender is required for every 50 guests.

All alcohol must be purchased through Chartwells Dining Services (you may not provide your own).

The client is responsible for enforcing their own alcohol consumption policies with any students or staff that they have attending or working the event.

Chartwells reserves the right to deny alcohol service to guests who are under the legal drink age or guests who are visibly intoxicated.

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